Sunday, January 4, 2009

Burgers and Ravens

I'm getting ready to go out and cheer the Ravens on to victory(crosses fingers), but I haven't decided on where to go. Being that we don't have cable, I don't have a "stay home" option and it's between better food(R.F. O'Sullivan) and better viewing environment(Tavern in The Square). I'm leaning towards the latter since it will be nice to be around some Ravens fans instead of bitter Pats fans only vaguely interested in the game... despite the draw of delicious half pound burgers.

Anyway, this is basically the perfect matchup for the Ravens... a short passing team with no real deep threat ability (well Ginn could be a problem if Pennington can throw it that far). I predict an easy victory, but of course anything can happen. That's why they play the games etc etc.

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