Friday, January 9, 2009

2.6 million jobs lost in 2008

That, and other cheery employment news in your December jobs report.

I really hope Teh Congress can get their acts together and have something for Obama to sign on the 20th. I appreciate that you want to get things right, and some political kabuki needs to be played because that's how it works... but even optimists seem to think it's a foregone conclusion we're going to hit 9% unemployment, and double digits seem a likely possibility.

I was as upset as anyone with Bush's tactic of declaring every appropriation for a new hockey rink in Wasilla as "necessary to protect our American way of life from terrorists", but you know... this actually is an emergency... so maybe Obama could tell everybody to stop dicking around for a bit and get something done?

UPDATE: Oh, so I guess Obama rang the bell yesterday. I suppose I was too distracted by work and my computer to notice.

UPDATE II: Marc Ambinder handicaps it at 60% that the stimulus bill reaches Obama's desk by February 16th. Ugh.

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