Monday, December 22, 2008

Omelette Blogging

I don't really have any problems making your standard American style folded omelette... there's not really all that much to it. The only technique is getting it from the pan to the plate, and that's something even a beginner like me can master pretty quickly. However, the latest Cooking Illustrated has a recipe for a French style rolled omelette that looked pretty intriguing. It was supposed to be a foolproof method that took most of the skill out of the equation, though obviously they weren't planning on me... as my attempt did not turn out so well(pan was too hot methinks). Even though I couldn't even make the "easy" version, I decided to check out my Julia Child's and see how the experts do it... after 11 pages(!) and several snazzy illustrations I'm still pretty confused... but luckily there's YouTube:

That's actually her n00b omelette[UPDATE: I'm not entirely sure about that in retrospect since the n00b recipe involves a fork... hmmm]... not the rolled version, which she still claims you can make with only the flicks of your wrist... which is somewhat hard to believe. See:


I think I need to try and track down some more footage.

UPDATE: I missed this at first on my initial read through of the recipe, but apparently there is a training regimen for the "Look Ma No Hands!" Technique.
The rolled omelette is the most fun of any method, but requires more practice. Here the pan is jerked over high heat at an angle so that the egg mass is continually hurled against the far lip of the pan until the eggs thicken. Finally, as the pan is tilted further while it is being jerked, the eggs roll over at the far lip of the pan, forming an omelette shape. A simple-minded but perfect way to master the movement is to practice outdoors with half a cupful of dried beans. As soon as you are able to make them flip over themselves in a group, you have the right feeling; but the actual omelette-making gesture is sharper and rougher.
OK, I'll be back in 6 months with a Rocky style montage and perfect omeletts.

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