Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Joys of Holiday Travel

I'm flying down to Baltimore tomorrow morning and, predictably, it will be in the midst of some icy wintery mix thing. Doesn't sound too bad really... but it would be nice to not be stuck in the airport for any extended periods. The good news is that my flight is early enough (8:30 am) that the plane should already be there, so the fact that the weather will be even worse in the Midwest should have minimal impact (I hope). The bad news is that since it's Christmas Eve, and the roads might be a mess, I'll have to leave so early (even taking a cab) that's its unlikely that any delays will have been announced by the time I have to leave "just in case". Oh well, I have books and a DS so I should be fine... and I have the personality type that would rather sit in the airport than risk missing a flight by cutting it too close... so it's really much better for my sanity this way.

Anyway, I have to pack, there isn't anything I find interesting enough to blog about right now, and I'm strangely tired even though I had an easy night with an early bedtime... so that's probably it for me for a while. My schedule is relatively action packed, so I doubt I'll have much time to update the blog. I'm back in Boston Monday night (weather permitting). Happy Holidays/Merry Chirstmas/Whatever!

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