Monday, December 15, 2008

Heart breaker

The Steelers just have the Ravens number this year, it seems.

Still got the inside track for the wild card, I think, but next up Dallas on Saturday night.

UPDATE: Here's Peter King on the controversial call on the game winning Steelers TD.
Last night at NBC, we watched the same four replays Walt Coleman saw at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore in the final minute of the Steelers-Ravens game. You've seen it by now: With the ball at the Baltimore four-yard line and the Ravens up 9-6, Ben Roethlisberger scrambled and eventually found Santonio Holmes just over the goal line in the end zone. Holmes caught the pass very close to the goal line, with the ball appearing to be outside the goal line at first look and his feet to be in the end zone. The head lineman, Paul Weidner, standing at the goal line on the far sideline, peered around a player as he tried to see the play, and he ruled the ball did not touch the plane of the goal line. All the ball has to in this case is touch the imaginary plane of the goal line while the player has two feet down. It was agonizingly close, but Weidner ruled the ball should be placed at about the three-inch line.

The magnitude of the play can't be overstated. If the play is upheld, it's fourth and three inches, and Mike Tomlin has the biggest call of his coaching career to make -- go for the touchdown to win the game, knowing he might end up turning it over on downs, or kick the gimme field goal and play for overtime. A Pittsburgh win would clinch the division title. A Baltimore win would tie the two mortal enemies with two weeks to go.
For the record, I think it was a touchdown, but I agree with King that there wasn't "indisputable" evidence to overturn the call on the field. But oh well, that's football.

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