Friday, December 5, 2008

Barismo coffee

I missed my train this morning because of forgotten workout clothes, so instead of biding my time for the next one at home or at the station, I decided to get a latte at Simon's. I'm not much of a coffee snob... I buy Dunkin Donuts every morning, loaded with cream and sugar... but I do like to have real coffee on the weekends, and even have a burr grinder and weird Scandinavian coffee making device. We used the last of our coffee from our Jamaica trip a couple of weeks ago, but I had yet to restock... Simon's is just across the street, but for whatever reason I haven't made it over there. Besides being close, Simon's also carries coffee that's a cut above meh Starbucks' beans, like George Howell's Terrior coffees, which are delicious, but unfortunately range from $15-20 for a mere 12 ounces (which is why I save them for relaxing weekends). However, today I noticed a new entry in the fancy-pants coffee department called Barismo. They appear to be quite new, but they're based out of Arlington and their packaging is pretty, so what else do you need? Well, probably you want well roasted coffee... so I plan on picking some up this weekend and giving them a try. I'll report back with my completely uneducated opinion, which is what the internet is all about!

I must say that the most fascinating thing about the Barismo website is their "manual brewing" section... now that's hardcore.

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