Monday, December 8, 2008

Banning cigar bars in Boston

Now, I quit smoking a year ago, but even as a smoker I thought that the cigarette ban for bars was a good thing... however, banning cigar bars? That's just stupid. Adults are allowed to do things that aren't good for them... or at least they should be. The argument about second hand smoke for wait staff in bars and restaurants was persuasive to me; after all, while customers can choose not to go to a smoke filled bar, waiters and waitresses often don't have so many options. In addition, it's clear that it had to be an all out ban, and not optional, or it never would have happened. But I don't see how that applies to our 4 whole cigar bars... or hookah bars, if we even have any.
The restrictions, which face a final vote by the commission's seven-member board on Nov. 13, also would ban smoking on outdoor patios at restaurants and other businesses and prohibit tobacco sales on college campuses and by all drug stores in the city.
That's just nonsense. I mean, what's next? Make it illegal to smoke on your own property?

UPDATE: Whoops, as you can see by the date, that was an older article. Here's a new one in Newsweek. The final vote is supposed to be Thursday... and according to the article, Boston has 6 cigar bars and 5 hookah bars.

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