Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Turkey Time

This coming Thanksgiving will be my third year of turkey preparation and, not coincidentally, my third year of celebrating Thanksgiving with Anna's family up in Maine. Being that she, her sister, and her mother are all vegans, they were pretty overjoyed that I was interested in cooking the turkey for me and her father. I've been doing the butterflied high roast turkey with cornbread and sausage dressing straight out of The New Best Recipe the last two years, and I see no reason to change now. It's come out pretty well both times, and I think "high roasting" is actually something I have some small measure of cooking experience with (thanks to how often I've high roasted chickens).

One thing that is changing, is where we get the turkey... I've used Whole Foods both times, but this year I'm going with Mayflower Poultry (East Cambridge home of the landmark sign picture above). They don't kill the turkeys on site, like they do their chickens, and they're not "certified organic"... nor "free range"... but they are not fed any animal products nor given antibiotics, so that seems good enough to support the local poultry business. Next year, I may try ordering a Massachusetts "free range" turkey from Savenor's, but before that I wanted to try the place that sells Fresh Killed thongs. While I don't plan on buying any of their clothing line, depending on how this experience goes I may do more of my poultry shopping there.

photo by flickr user frankh used under a Creative Commons license

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