Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prop 8 postmortem

I haven't said anything about the disheartening passage of the discriminatory ballot measure that stripped gay couples of their right to marry in California... mainly because I didn't have a lot to say, other than that I was surprised and saddened by it... but one thing I've noticed in the early days post Prop 8, that might be a little positive... is that it seems to be serving as a pretty big wake-up call to supporters of equal marriage rights. Many of us, myself included, were overconfident that Prop 8 would get shot down to the campaign's detriment... and while time appears to be firmly on the side of marriage equality, as younger generations support it more and more... it's become pretty clear that you can't just expect everything to work itself out when you get totally outworked by the opposition.

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara at Democratic Strategist has a strong summary of the campaign failures and good ideas on how to move forward. Well worth your time to give it a read. The good news, as bittersweet as it may be, is that it's far better to lose by being outworked, than to be facing an electorate completely hostile to your goals.

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