Thursday, November 20, 2008

The New Xbox Experience

Took me about 5-10 minutes to update. The Netflix thing was working fine, so I quickly entered the code into Anna's account after a downloading the program(only a couple megabytes IIRC), and was off and running. I already have my PC hooked up to the same 32" monitor my Xbox is hooked into, so I don't particularly care about the Netflix feature... except in so far as it draws a wider audience into streaming video on demand, and (hopefully) increases the selection. Picture quality looked identical to PC version to me, though the "finding your video quality" thing seemed to take about twice as long (maybe 2 minutes)... but that's probably due to what I presume is a quite large uptick in demand today. The only movies that show up to watch are your "Watch Instantly Queue", so you'll have to set that up separately, but I can't imagine trying to search for movies with a 360 controller, so it seems for the best.

I did notice that Scarface, which is standard def, came in at 4 bars... yet 30 Rock which is HD came in at 2 bars, and was thus played as standard def. It's totally possible that my "meh" DSL connection won't be able to deliver HD... but I watched Pan's Labyrinth on Netflix before the whole Xbox thing, and that came through as DVD quality, so I suspect(hope?) that heavy load is the major problem here. However, I've not really experimented that much with HD movies in the past, so I'm not entirely sure.

Avatars are pretty lame, but whatever... but they don't seem too pervasive unless you want them to be.

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