Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton for Secetary of State?

Color me intrigued.
“You can send John Kerry or Chuck Hagel,” said one adviser, mentioning some other candidates for secretary of state, “or you can send Hillary Clinton. That’s totally different.”

Clinton would be most attractive if Obama concludes that he will have to focus his early days in office on the domestic economy, and will have to essentially outsource heavy-duty foreign travel to his secretary of state.

I'm a Kerry fan, and so have sort of been hoping for him to get State... but without thinking about it too hard, like what all the repercussions might be, it strikes me as an extraordinarily good idea.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall asks why Clinton would give up a Senate seat for life to be in Obama's cabinet. I don't really have an answer to that, but I still think she'd be good at the job.

UPDATE II: In thinking about it, Secretary of State of the ruling party seems vastly more prestigious of a position than a low ranking Senator in it. I mean, you hear a lot more about Condi Rice on a daily basis than any GOP Senator (what's left of them anyway).

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