Friday, November 21, 2008

The Dark Tower Series

Anna's always been a big fan of audio books since she does so much driving, but I've been much slower getting into it. It's admittedly nice when we go on trips, but I've generally always preferred the feel of a book in my hand and the ability to easily go back a paragraph or two if I space out. Also, my commute is pretty short, so it seems like it would take me ages to get through a book since I'd never(rarely at least) listen while at home. That's changed since I started to work out on the elliptical here at work instead of running outside as it's gotten colder... I've never been one for headphones when exercising outdoors, but staring at the same wall for 20-30 minutes is pretty hellish without some sort of input... and a book has proven much more effective at distracting me from how much I don't want to be exercising than music. I went through the last two books of The Bartimaeus Trilogy mainly during my commute and while working out, and became so fond of it that I was going through some tough withdrawal this week as I waited for Anna to pick up a new audio book from the library.

So today I start The Dark Tower Series. I've never read it, and have never been a Stephen King fan, though I've been told many times that it's not at all like his other work. We shall see. In my opinion, the best part about it is that it's 7 books so it will keep me busy for a while if I pace myself. Hopefully I'll like it.

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