Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BREAKING: Alaskans not completely nuts

The AP is calling the Alaska Senate race for Mark Begich, meaning that convicted felon Ted Stevens won't be returning to D.C. in 2009. Note that this wasn't a recount, but just tallying up all the overseas and absentee ballots... and it's still not done. The bad news is that this means we won't get an opportunity for the high comedy that would be Senator Palin (Stevens would have had to win, then get kicked out by the Senate, and the Palin would have to have won a special election... but it could have happened).

I'm actually relatively pleased that Alaskans managed to regain some semblance of dignity here, by not reelecting Stevens, since my aunt lives there and I think it's quite beautiful... even if everyone up there is a little nuts(except my aunt of course). So that's nice.

We're also up to 58 in the Dem caucus (including Lieberman, our new BFF) with recount to begin between Coleman and Franken and a runoff between Chambliss and Martin. So fingers crossed I guess... not that 60 is that magical since the Senate rarely has straight party-line votes... but still.

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