Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 Election Live Blogging

7:00 - KY for Mcain, and Vermont for Obama... too close to call for others. No surprises so far.

7:19 - Indiana hasn't been called yet. Good Bad news for McCain.

7:30 - No new calls, despite many closings. I'm frankly shocked that Obama is close in Indiana.

7:46 - Oh Noes! South Carolina gets called for McCain.

8:00 - PA called for Obama. Election pretty much over...

9:24 - OH called for Obama. It's hard to see how McCain can recover from this.

10:00 - Iowa to Obama. Too close in Montana! Obama leading in Nevada.

10:32 - Still looking for some calls on these close states like... Indiana? Still not called, but WORD on Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida would be cool.

10:54 - Virginia was apparently called for Obama by Fox...

11:00 - Obama projected to be the next President. What did I tell you? Still awesome.

11:14 - Florida for Obama.

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