Monday, October 20, 2008

What did I miss?

Aside from the Red Sox staving off elimination for two straight games... coming back from 7 runs down in game 5... only to lose in game 7, that is?

Obama raised an eye-popping $150 million in September, which explains why he can afford to have his own prime time special. What's particularly striking about that number is that is was accomplished with the average donation being under $100.

In addition, Colin Powell came out on Sunday and endorsed Obama on Meet the Press. I'm not sure what it means at this point, with a little over two weeks to go, but Powell is still widely respected by the electorate... and, as a Republican, helps blunt the pinko-commie charges. Of course, you do then have to deal with people like Limbaugh calling Powell a racist. Though the more time the GOP keeps the Powell endorsement in the news, the better it is for Obama. Here's the vid:

As far as the polls. On the national level, they appear to have leveled off or even narrowed over the past week:

A 5 or 6 point lead with 7% undecided and two weeks to go is a pretty good place to be, though it will certainly get tighter as we get closer... the key is that Obama doesn't need to convince that high a percentage of the undecideds to get safely over 50%.

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