Thursday, October 16, 2008

Term of the Debate: Body Language

I tuned into this one a little late, and spent only half the time watching the CNN feed online (the other half was listening while checking various live-blogs). I expected it to be a rehashing of all the same old talking points(and found myself muting the answers at first), but the format was much better(sitting around a table) and forced them to interact more, and Schieffer was a good moderator... it was still filled with buzzwords and "Joe the Plumber", but it seemed that they were actually debating, for the most part. Which was a switch.

As far as how it went: the "snap" polls already tell you it was a disaster for McCain and focus groups were apparently laughing at him. However, if you look around the intertubes you'll see a lot of people saying it was McCain's "best debate performance", which is probably true... he kept Obama on the defensive and off topic a fair amount... but he got smoked overall because he spent the entire debate making weird, angry, and contemptuous faces and gestures while Obama was speaking, and it's all about the visuals:

It may seem trivial but, once again, the fact that McCain is a angry old man is your take home message.

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