Friday, October 24, 2008

Take that latte sipping liberal stereotype!

Obama won the 7-11 coffee cup election 60-40. Uhm, yay? But, seriously, who gets coffee at 7-11... I mean, I know they sell it but... ick. Ooops, I mean: See how the hardworking real salt of the Earth Americans who buy 7-11 coffee favor Obama by landslide margins? (And to be honest I've never had a cup of coffee from 7-11, and for all I know it could be awesome and I'm drinking Dunkin Donuts right now so...)

Anyway, this informal poll has been strangely accurate in the past... they showed a 1% win by Bush in 2000 and a 51-49 Bush victory in 2004... though somehow I think they may off by a few points this time.

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