Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Take home message of the debate:

Expect to see this clip a lot.

Otherwise it was pretty boring, and the format was terrible. It was like Brokaw was herding cats trying to keep them on time. I'd say Obama won pretty easily, but I've got some hardcore partisan blinders, so I'll wait for the post debate polls.

UPDATE: Looks like the snap polls broke strongly for Obama. That is not good news for McCain. Noam Scheiber has the best take I've seen so far:
McCain faced a tough choice coming into this debate: He could make a dramatic move, which might help close the gap but could also reinforce his unsteadiness. Or he could try to look mature and reassuring, which might ease his perception problem but wouldn't instantly affect the polls. Tonight McCain pulled off an impressive feat: He managed to do nothing particularly dramatic, yet still give the impression that he's old and unsteady. I see very little for him to build on.

I predicted that he wouldn't get nasty in the debate, so that didn't surprise me, but I expected him to be a lot more gracious and assured in a format that was supposed to be his strength... but instead he just seemed old and irritated... you kind of wonder whether he realizes the election is over at this point, and finally admitted it to himself last night.

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