Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Should it have been Lieberman?

A Bush strategist seems to think so:
"They didn't let John McCain pick the person he wanted to pick as VP," Dowd declared during the Time Warner Summit panel. "When Sarah Palin got picked instead of Joe Lieberman, which I fundamentally believed would have given John McCain the best opportunity in this race... as soon as he picked Palin, that whole ready versus not ready argument was not credible."

Saying that Palin was a "net negative" on the ticket, he went on: "[McCain] knows, in his gut, that he put somebody unqualified on the ballot. He knows that in his gut, and when this race is over that is something he will have to live with... He put somebody unqualified on that ballot and he put the country at risk, he knows that.

(Not quite)hindsight being 20/20 and all(I mean, she was clearly inexperienced, but I don't know if anybody could have predicted what a disaster she would turn into)... but since Lieberman was also my pick for best McCain VP candidate, Dowd's assertion happens to be 100% true and accurate.

I still don't have any grasp on how the base would have reacted to a Pro-Choice VP, but them being fired up about Palin right now doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot of good things for McCain.

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