Friday, October 31, 2008

Northampton Interlude

We're taking off to visit Western Massachusetts for the weekend, so I won't be here agonizing over the latest poll numbers for a few days. Almost certainly a good thing for me, since while I share the same overwhelming confidence in an Obama victory as Ta-Nehisi, I still find myself addicted to flicking from political blog to political blog looking for the latest news and commentary. It'll be good to relax in a New England town that I know nothing about, and basically just come back and vote(finally!). The area of Northampton apparently has a couple of vegan restaurants, including one that serves what sounds like a nice Sunday brunch. There's even a vegan bakery, which is extremely rare (you try and make a cake without eggs). So Anna's pretty excited (it was her idea for how to celebrate her birthday). There also some mountains and trails in the area, and though I don't think we've settled on any particular hike... we're nearly certain to get out on Saturday and do some trekking in the woods, which I will GPS as per usual.

Right now, my electoral prediction remains the same as before. I'm less confident about North Carolina flipping to Obama, but he's still leading there as far as I can tell, so I'll leave it alone until Monday when we'll have our final snapshot of polls.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

photo of "The Oxbow" by flickr user wallyg used under a Creative Commons license

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