Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More GPS Hiking in Acadia

This was a pretty short hike (less than 2 miles) in the portion of Acadia National Park that you need to pay to enter. It's got some steep sections, so it'll still get your heart rate up, but because of it's short length I'd be inclined to call it a moderate hike. On a pretty fall day in early October, there were plenty of other hikers on the trail, so I wouldn't count on much seclusion on this hike, especially if you are doing it in July or August. It's a very pretty hike, that gets you up to some nice views of Sand Beach and the surrounding water.

We took the Gorham Mountain trail on the ascent and the Cadillac Cliffs trail on the descent, but I would advise doing the opposite. The trail doesn't present much difficulties, but I suspect the old rock slide at one end of Cadillac Cliffs would be much more fun to climb up than it was to climb down.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun hike, and while short, it might be the perfect hike on a day you want to spend most of your time in Bar Harbor or whatever... but still want to get a couple of hours of hiking in without getting too sweaty.

Gorham Mountain/Cadillac Cliffs

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As an aside, this last trip has made me start thinking about getting a hand held GPS unit for hiking, and just using my Forerunner for running... but I'm not sure I want to spend the money.

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