Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fable II Impressions

Politics is pretty boring today, so I'll throw out some impressions of Fable II, which I purchased on Tuesday. This is actually the first full length 360 game I've bought since Grand Theft Auto IV. I've bought a bunch of things off of LIVE, but haven't been to Best Buy for a game in a while.

Basically, Fable II is an action RPG with strong morality component... the decisions you make on how to solve quests change the world and even effect your appearance(you start to look more angelic/demonic based on your actions). You can be anything from a goody two shoes to a sociopathic mass murdering sacker of towns, and still beat the game. You get a dog who follows you around faithfully (no matter how much of a jerk you are to him) and points out treasure and helps in fights... you can get married, have kids, get divorced, have a different family in every town, and catch venerial diseases... what's not to like?

I've only played for maybe 8 hours, probably less, so my impressions are limited... but I've played to the point where you get your first follower and the game opens up a bit. So far it is quite enjoyable and fun, though probably on the easy side... but that's good news for any more casual gamer trying to get into it. The stats/ability side of the RPG equation is pretty simle as well... there really isn't a whole lot to do as far as customizing your abilities, but Fallout 3 is out next week, so who cares? The combat is pretty fun, and while not challenging, it is very satisfying if you enjoy kicking ass in creative ways... which the game rewards you for with additional experience. As you gain said experience you improve your three abilities, which opens up new combat options that gradually increase the depth of the fighting experience.

My experience so far has been playing as a goody-goody young lady hero, who got herself some pigtails and a tattoo to make herself more comely(clothes, hairstyles, and tatts all have different bonuses that can make you pretty or scary). She recently got married and squeezed out a baby Hero named Anne, but hubby is complaining about how cramped the gypsy wagon is now and wants an upgrade... of course the lazy bastard lays around the camp all day while she's out saving the world, but whacha gonna do? Go chop some wood or work at the blacksmith for some cash(simple mini games), that's what.. I was hoping to buy a new gun, but... sigh. Maybe if I use the money to buy that pie seller's wagon, I can get a good income stream coming in...

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