Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abandoning Firefox for Opera

As of today, I'm switching to Opera.

Since 3.0 I've had no end of problems with Firefox... endless issues with Flash and YouTube, and it's just become too much of a PITA to wait for them to fix it or try to figure out what setting or extension might be screwing everything up. A browser is supposed to be easy, and Firefox has become more and more annoying while becoming slower and more bloated with every release.

I'm not sure how much I really dig Opera, but it's passed every test that Firefox has failed, so it's my browser of choice until we see a final release version of Chrome.

UPDATE: The lack of a native "spell check while you type" feature might be a killer. I've tried the native Opera one and Ospell, and both kind of suck. Too bad Chrome won't run on this ancient Windows 2000 machine I have here at work.

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