Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Walking Talking Parody

I'm trying not to watch the Republican National Convention, because I see no need to get upset... but I'm getting drawn in a bit (but I keep muting it and trying not to fume), and I have to say that my former Governor Mitt Romney is making one of the stupidest arguments I've ever heard: The last 8 years are the liberals' fault... and that to enact change we need to eject the liberals from Washington and elect McCain/Palin!?

Ah yes, the problem with the last 8 years is that current administration hasn't been blindly partisan enough. Just a little more torture, bombing, and tax cuts to Mitt Romney and everything would have been AWESOME. Goddamn liberals.

If people can't see through this nonsense, I give up.

UPDATE: Huckabee on the other hand... quite good so far. Small town populism that I expect we'll see echoed in Palin's speech. (Nice dig on Biden) Though, as someone already vetted who is a great speaker and has the same base appeal, why didn't they go with him?

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