Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unleash La Furia!!!

Since I adopted Spain's national team for Euro 2008, and courageously spurred them on to victory with my somewhat indifferent and opportunistic cheering, I feel it's my personal duty to be outraged that Senator McCain has no idea who the Prime Minister of Spain is. Of course, I didn't know who the PM of Spain is either, so I wasn't initially too moved by TPM's reports... I mean, it's being translated and all that, so it's natural that there might be some confusion... and it's not like I expect the Prez to know every single world leader's name (but I'd recommend memorizing our NATO allies' names)... but listening to the audio, it sounds much worse than I thought... the man just sounds clueless and out of it.

Bizarre. It seems unlikely this is going to get much play stateside, as "who the !$&@ cares about Europe anyway!?"... but if it does, it won't do much to assure voters about the age issue with McCain.

UPDATE: So word out of the McCain camp is that he knows exactly who Zapatero is, he just doesn't want to meet him for insane Neocon reasons. Whew! So instead of being a confused old man, he's a crazy old man. I guess that's better, but I hope this quickly contrived macho posturing doesn't affect the price of sangria or I'm going to be pissed.

UPDATE II: Atrios begins to ponder how we might address the Rogue Regime in Madrid in a military fashion... I had thought our treaty obligations to defend their territorial integrity might be a bit of a roadblock to direct confrontation, but Atrios cleverly sidesteps this by proposing to secretly fund (and train?) separatist groups. Genius.

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