Friday, September 5, 2008

That was some Straight Talk

There isn't a whole lot to say... it was really really boring. Like what you'd expect from some random speaker you've never heard of, but 3x longer. Honestly, though, the POW stuff was the only compelling part of the speech, and now I know why it was a part of every other speech this week.

I was really hoping that he would tear into Obama, and that they were desperate enough for that... but, alas, it was pretty much the speech you would expect. Despite three decades in D.C., he's the Maverick we need to cut taxes and drill, drill, drill... and also, apparently, to assume control of school boards across the country so he can start firing teachers... because, otherwise, I'm not exactly how the President gets rid of "bad teachers". I mean, the Prez makes a lot of appointments, but Sally's 1st grade teacher is not one of them.

In the end, scheduling the GOP Presidential nomination acceptance speech during the first NFL game of the season was the cagiest decision they ever made.

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