Thursday, September 4, 2008

Straight Talky Maverick Time

Big digital flag floating behind the Senator. Really a surprise touch that is.

OMFG! He accepted the nomination!!! The crowd goes wild.

Calling in the 9/11 card a little early aren't we?

I know you won't believe this, but he's going green screen and creepy smile. Wow.

He's not so stiff though... delivery not repulsive!!! Could this be a GOP coup?

Good appeal for civility... not that I trust him.

OK at some point we moved to an Iwo Jima-esque flag and a blue screen.

Government broken... I'm bipartisan... and Palin roxxors!!

What does it mean if someone says: "I don't work for a political party and I don't work for special interests: I work for YOU" and they say it at the GOP convention. Cynical much?

Petraeus. Yay. Why isn't he running for President if you cede all decisions to him?

McCain's been totally not terrible... almost competent! But extraordinarily boring.

Wait... corporate welfare by Obama for oil? Never heard that one before, and it seemed to catch the audience off guard. What's that about?

Oh, Health Care war is ON. Ezra must be frothing.

Tax cuts. Tax cuts. Tax cuts.

Did Grover Norquist write this section?

Re-training with subsidy for people who lost a job.


Drill, Drill, Now, NOW. Nuke plants.

This is a really boring speech.

The McCain family has suffered from war, so you gotta believe they want to make Uber Peace... just a few more wars and they'll be all set.

Ok, here comes the Country First part.... McCain has scars that Obama doesn't have. Weak.

No more than 5 minutes, right? Gotta end at 11.

Please stop! I'll tell you anything!!!!

Look I'm begging here.

OK, I'll admit it's a powerful story... incredibly so, even delivered in a bland monotone. I'd recommend sticking to the video narrator Senator, but it's pretty amazing how getting told the same story over and over doesn't get old if it's a good story.

Cognitive Dissonace Part 846: I just told you how my Biography makes me ready to be President, but I don't think I deserve it. I won't say that I'll say no, but I don't really WANT it... despite the signs to the contrary. That black dude though... man, doesn't he seem entitled?

Wow, the GOP is pretending that was the best thing ever... I'm wondering how long before it's Palin/Romney.

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