Wednesday, September 3, 2008


He's bringing the mock on Obama, but is he really the right man to be making fun of Obama? His delivery is very poor and he's not getting much from the crowd, not to mention that he's pretty much a joke at this point... Giuliani questioning Obama's experience? Biden's already adressed that. I have to admit I am amazed that he has yet to say "9/11" (that I heard).

Anyway, this is an incredibly weak speech in both delivery and text. Not impressed.

UPDATE: Did he spend the last 10 minutes trashing Obama's experience and then praise Old Man McCain for loooking to THE FUTURE for his VP pick while Obama looked to the past!? It's like they screen these speeches to make sure that they have excessive cognitive dissonance. It's some sort of mind exploding weapon against we poor Democrats watching this nonsense.

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