Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The crowd loves her, as expected... lots of biography so far. Lots about her family(off limits!)... isn't that supposed to be what other speakers are for? Intro videos?

OK, now she's saying Mayors of small towns kick community organizer's asses. We need to schedule a basketball game. 'Bitter' and 'cling to guns' is back... no surprise there.

Biography... Hockey Mom with Reformist Platitudes. Not a bad delivery, but her voice and accent really annoy me... but that's probably because I'm a sexist coastal elite.

Nice line about getting rid of the chef.

Completely lying about "The Bridge to Nowhere" now.

Drill! Drill! Drill! And Pipes! (and also other alternatives)

OK... she just said Obama hasn't accomplished anything. Sarah Palin just said that Obama hasn't done anything. The one who got Foerign Policy experience from living next to Russia. I'm living in Bizarro World... oh wait no, this is your 2008 GOP!

I feel like she's totally lost the crowd... she gets them for the big applause lines, but otherwise they seem lethargic... might just be the way it is this year.

Celebrity blah blah blah.

OK small town populism time, and change is more of the same(Trust us!).

Mavericky McCain. Stands up to elites.

Irony Moment: "This is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery" Yeah, I'm guessing the McCain camp wishes they vetted you too.


OK I'm done. I can't imagine anyone liking this, but I'm not its intended audience so I shall have to read what the pundits say... I expect a lot of "did what she had to do".

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