Friday, September 12, 2008

The Palin Interview

I did not watch it, as I don't have TV (though perhaps it streamed live on the intertubes), but reactions were pretty predictable... if you think she's dangerously unprepared then there appears to be ample evidence to support that, and if you think she is the greatest thing since Yacht Rock you are posting on The Corner or Redstate, and nowhere near this website.

Anyway, there's another segment being aired tonight somewhere around 10 pm on 20/20 if you are interested... I'm likely to miss this one too, as I'll probably be on a bus to Maine... but this is probably going to be the one you want to catch, since if there are any remotely tough questions then they'll be tonight. I'm not expecting much quite frankly, but I am curious as to whether she will lie to Charlie Gibson's face about the Bridge to Nowhere.

I really wish it was Matt Damon asking the questions instead of Charlie Gibson, but oh well:

Yeah I know, it just reinforces the "condescending coastal elite" thing when you have movie stars making fun of hockey moms... but I'm sorry, it's just funny (but scary at the same time). I also share Mr. Damon's curiosity as to whether she believes there were dinosaurs walking the Earth 4000 years ago... or alternatively, whether God put their bones there to test our faith... however, I won't hold my breath for Charlie to ask.

UPDATE: Here's a long Fallows post on why it's so terrible for her to not know what the Bush Doctrine is:
Sarah Palin did not know this issue, or any part of it. The view she actually expressed -- an endorsement of "preemptive" action -- was fine on its own merits. But it is not the stated doctrine of the Bush Administration, it is not the policy her running mate has endorsed, and it is not the concept under which her own son is going off to Iraq.

How could she not know this? For the same reason I don't know anything about European football/soccer standings, trades, or intrigue. I am not interested enough. And she evidently has not been interested enough even to follow the news of foreign affairs during the Bush era.

As he goes on to state... that sounds a lot like our current President. I mean, I'm not a foreign policy think tank guru, but I know what the Bush Doctrine is just by, you know, following the news. She makes quite clear(as she has in older interviews), that up until she became the Vice Presidential nominee, she didn't give a damn about anything outside the borders of Alaska... unless it was earmarks to build a hockey rink. And yet, she's extraordinarily confident about these issues she's ignorant about, and the big question is whether or not she cares that she's ignorant about foreign affairs... is she currently trying feverishly to get up to speed on national security and foreign affairs issues, or is she happy just to repeat right wing talking points and skirt around questions? It's quite hard to say, but it doesn't look good... and is the possibility of Bush Pt. II having the nuclear codes really something we want to gamble on?

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