Monday, September 15, 2008

Neal Stephenson Book Tour

So my favorite living author recently embarked on a book tour, to promote his new book Anathem.

For fellow residents of Cambridge/Boston you can buy $5 tickets for his 7pm Saturday the 20th appearance from Harvard Bookstore (not online: in person or w/ credit card over the phone). You can actually redeem the $5 you pay on a future purchase from the (quite excellent) store, so it's not a total jack. It's at the big church on the corner of Mass. Ave. and Church Street... and if Neil Stephenson is at least as popular among Cambridge Nerds as Neil Gaiman(who I saw read at the same venue promoting Anansi Boys), then it's likely to be a sell out, and be prepared to wait for hours in line to get him to sign your book(s).

Anna got me a first edition, first printing (fine/fine condition) of Cryptonomicon for my birthday a couple of years ago, so I'm pretty excited to finally be able to get him to sign it. I'm not a book collector, but I love that book so much I thought it would be cool to have a pristine, collector worthy, version to sit on my bookshelf and never be touched... obviously that's kind of silly... and indeed, I've had it for over a year and it's still wrapped in the bubble wrap it came in... because I'm, frankly, sort of scared of it.

Anyway, I'm totally looking forward to the reading, though I have absolutely no idea whether the book is any good... and yes, I know the book has been out for a week, but I've always planned on buying it at the reading to get signed, and I'm not sure I can embrace the policy of buying two copies of a hard copy book (one for reading and one for collecting).

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