Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain's "No Mas" moment

The big news late yesterday afternoon was, of course, McCain's announcement that he was "suspending his campaign" to race back to D.C. to single-handedly solve the financial crisis. Now, what does "suspending his campaign" mean? Not going on Letterman for one, and no campaign ads for two... and for three, canceling the Presidential debate scheduled for Friday.

I was with them up until canceling the debate... I mean, of course it's a political stunt, and of course Congress doesn't need McCain or Obama mucking up, what's seemed to be a relatively orderly process, with the posturing and grandstanding of Presidential candidates... but I think most Americans think Senators should be doing their jobs right now, and even if Obama and McCain don't sit on the relevant committees, they are the heads of their respective parties at the moment... and no deal gets passed without their explicit approval. So the first half of the idea, while silly, seems like it would play well politically with the voting public... even if he had to blindside Obama to do it.

Trying to dodge the debate however, looks like a straight up ploy borne of fear. A man running for President of the Free World should be able to handle a crisis and prepare for a debate at the same time... I don't think he gets to call up world leaders and go "Time out guys!" if the stock market tanks... and, in fact, wouldn't that be the ideal time for an enemy to take advantage? Not feeling it, and I say it strikes to the center of what the "leadership moment" idea was supposed to convey... and what's the nail in the coffin? "Whoops, financial crisis calling! I guess we'll have to cancel the VP debate to reschedule! Oh, darn."

I mean, c'mon... we're not that dumb. Palin can't handle Katie Couric and come out looking competent... so is there anyone in America (besides Hugh Hewitt) who doesn't see right through this little "Hide the VP" ploy?

You should have just said you were suspending your campaign operations to go to D.C. and left it there, my friend... this... this is gonna turn out bad.

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