Friday, September 26, 2008

Live blogging the First Debate

8:46PM - I'm not sure about the the Cheetara print for Michelle Obama. Love her, but I'm just sayin'.

8:52PM - Doh! 70% are expecting an Obama win... booo for your expectations!

8:55PM - Huckabee pwns, and the random people assigned to CNN Live can't comprehend it.

8:59PM - Teddy is at home and watching, which is good, but I have no other insight into his medical situation.

9:03PM - Jim Lehrer says he pwns the economy with his Foreign Policy questions. Nice.

9:05PM - Pretty clumsy by Obama, I hate to say.

9:10PM - Too rushed Obama! Calm the F Down!

9:12PM - McCain looks bad too, so maybe it's cool?

9:14PM - Lehrer is on fire.

9:16PM - McCain NOT smooth... but maybe effective? Obama needs to make the case.

9:18PM - Oh it's ON. Feeling Obama here.

9:22PM - McCain pork, pork, pork, and...

9:24PM - Tax health care benefits? McCain is dodging, not defending.

9:28PM - Obama goes energy independence and health care.

9:30PM - McCain goes for pork again.

9:34PM - Spending freeze promise from McCain?

9:39PM - You're Bush! Am not!

9:44PM - McCain is doing Wingnut points. Interesting.

9:46PM - "You were wrong"

9:50PM - Surgeie Surge Surge

9:54PM - No Pakistan... hmmm. PATREUS!!!!

9:59PM - McCain loves war, but not ALL wars.

10:03PM - Obama sez McCain sez "Muddle through Afghanistan", but McCain sez SURGE.

10:05PM - Note that McCain didn't include the Spaniards in his League of Fun Time.

10:09PM - Obama made an interesting case for diplomacy with our enemies, and now McCain is fearmongering.

10:11PM - Oh damn with the Preconditions. Total PWN.

10:17PM - Russia now.

10:20PM - McCain just called Putin a KGB guy... which is true, of course.

10:27PM - Hey McCain opposes torture! 9/11 question surprised me... McCain doing ok...

10:31PM - Nobody wants to lose Iraq. Strange hill to die on McCain.

10:33PM - Obama calls Afghanistan. Well done.

10:35PM - Back to the Surge for McCain. Weak.

10:37PM - POW!!!

10:39PM - Whoops! Flowers not Cheetara.

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