Monday, September 15, 2008

Giant Slide Hike

Giant Slide Hike

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So this is my first GPS'ed hike, and my first use of the EveryTrail website... which seems to have a lot of nice features for something that appears to be free so far. I can't figure out how to import photos and place them on the map though... I'll have to mess around with it and maybe try a different browser.

Anyway, here's the description of the hike that I posted on their site, if you don't feel like clicking through:
We had planned on doing Beehive, but it rained heavily on Friday, and so we decided the iron rungs and ladders on that trail might be too slippery and dangerous. Instead, we tried Gaint Slide which is supposed to be especially beautiful after rains. It was indeed very pretty, with numerous small water falls and clear mountain pools as you clamber over moss covered rocks. It's pretty strenuous, not because of grade or length, but because you need good balance and attention to make sure you don't slip. The trail suffers a bit from being an "out and back" and not a loop... it's not quite as much fun to come back down the rocks as it was to come up them. We tried to to make a bit of a loop by climbing up to Parkman mountain's peak for the return, cutting off some of the rocks, but as you can see on the map, we turned back. The trail, while pretty obvious, was not blazed at all (at least as far as we could see) and we had no desire to get lost.

Here's an example of one of the small water falls you spend most of the trail beside, or scambling across:

UPDATE: Figured out the pictures... they just take a while to show up. Putting them in the right spots was kind of a pain, since I had to look at the actual GPX file and match up times on the photos, but it comes out pretty cool though, huh? I had to make my blog wider to fit in the widget, since it is resistant to resizing, but I also had been meaning to do that for some time any way... but the site could really use an option to change the size for embedding.

UPDATE II: Added some more photos, and it turns out that you can let it auto align them on the GPS route based on their timestamps... you just need to set the offset... previously, the page with the photos weren't coming up for me, so I did it manually. The auto align method is vastly superior, and pretty damn impressive.

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