Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bizzaro World - Day 3

Senator Lindsey Graham just makes me laugh... I can't take him seriously, so his attacks didn't bother me.

Tom Ridge... Vietnam. Country. Win. Patriot. Victory. Maverick.

Personality Cult? The last few days have basically been about how McCain's a reincarnation of George Washington... but that just shows what a Maverick he is, I guess.

I noticed that Cindy McCain's celebratory story of triumph and romance didn't mention that he was already married we they met. However, I must say that her charity work was shown impressively.

When did being a "Hockey Mom" become the most awesome thing ever? I guess Should BU expect an uptick of recruits? Should I go back and get some season tickets? Oh wait no... Hockey Moms only exist in places like Alaska and.. Arizona!? The fact that Northeast Coastal Elites actually PWN pretty hard in hockey, is probably not something we should mention.

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