Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Belgian Beer Fest Sept. 26 & 27

So I just purchased my ticket for the Belgian Beerfest, Session II. Word on the street is that they are likely to sell out by the end of the weekend, so if you're interested you better hop to it. I've been the last two years and really enjoyed it... it's an opportunity to taste dozens of unusual beers from all over, that would takes months and months and hundreds of dollars to try on your own (and many are only available at festivals like this).

Looking over the brewery list, Victory is coming, which I think is a first... and they're bringing two beers I've never heard of... Abbey 6 (Single; 6.5%) and V-12 (Strong Ale; 12.0%)... so that's pretty cool. Allagash has a stout now too, which is intriguing... and Unibroue is bringing a startlingly large selection of beers I've never tried. Looks like it'll be a fine time.

I'm actually going to bring a camera and a notepad this time so I don't end up forgetting half the beers I thought were awesome, why I thought they were awesome, and what their label looks like. I will, of course, blog my thoughts after.

photo used under a Creative Commons license by flickr user cmurtaugh

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