Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bailout

So Congress has come up with a plan to bailout financial markets, that will probably be brought to a vote today, but the international markets don't seem to be too impressed just yet. I guess we'll see what Wall Street has to say in a bit.

I don't really know much about the substance proposed, but Krugman seems to not hate it... so that's sort of good I guess?

Politically, it seems Republican leadership is behind it, but I suspect Republicans in close races are going to be tempted to vote against it... which would probably still leave a broadly bipartisan solution that both Presidential candidates sign on to.

UPDATE: If your curious as to who is planning a 2012 run for Prez, see who comes out publicly against it. Huckabee's already slammed it, I believe... so Romney and Jindal you're on the clock.

UPDATE II: Steve Bennen is seeing lots of indications the vote's going to be a nail biter. Well, if that's the case why did Dems cave on anything? If it's going to be a squeaker the Dems are going to end owning, then they should have put some protection for home owners on it.

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