Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was in California, L.A. specifically, when the planes hit. I was out there, staying with my friend Jeff and his girlfriend, trying to find a place to live and get registered for classes for my short stint as a grad student as UCSD. I had rented a car while staying with Jeff in Silver Lake, and did the hour or hour and a half drive to La Jolla daily... trying to get my shit together by the time classes started.

I was awoken from sleep by numerous calls to my cellphone in the wee hours of the morn... I didn't check the messages, and just rolled back over, figuring them to be drunk dials I could check when I got up in a little bit. I got up around 6:30 AM or maybe a bit later, as I had been pretty motivated to get this grad school thing working, and the long drive meant getting up early... my first surprise of the day was seeing Jeff up and watching TV. Both towers were on fire. Neither of us saw the planes hit... we just watched the towers collapse. I remember wondering whether L.A. was next... were those planes still in the air headed for us? It seems a bit silly in retrospect, but we discussed whether Jeff's girlfriend should go to work or not or whether it was too dangerous... they both ended up going to work, and I ended up just sitting there wondering what the hell just happened.

I think I'm still wondering.

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