Friday, August 29, 2008

What year is this?

Michael Crowley at TNR:
One mildly skeptical note: Obama's decision to close with a riff on Martin Luther King. Even if he (interestingly) didn't name King, and even given the significance of today's date, was the the civil rights movement really the ideal conclusory note for tonight's critical, very middle American audience? His closing line, a citation of scripture was certainly shrewd. But surely MLK references were a safer bet in the primaries.

I am having trouble coming up with a rejoinder to this idiocy that is not intemperate.

Who is it in America, exactly, who doesn't view Martin Luther King Jr. as a hero? I've never met that man or woman, so I'm sort of curious as to who would be offended by this. Southern America, despite our differences, I give you full permission to harass this idiot until he apologizes for the implication of racism in his lame remarks. Way to bring the stupid TNR. Ugh.

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