Thursday, August 28, 2008


If the snippets of Obama's speech that Steve Benen obtained are accurate, then I predict a collective orgasm from the Mainstream Media and progressive bloggers everywhere... with the sole exception of Mark Halperin, who will let us know how an awesome speech by Obama is, in fact, GREAT NEWS FOR JOHN MCCAIN!!!

Not being able to give away tickets to the rally you're announcing your VP is, as we all know, the sign of a great leader.

Sheryl Crow just finished... and she both sounds and looks exactly as she did when I was in college and my roommate had a crush on her. This is not necessarily a compliment... just an observation

Stadium looks pretty much full and we're still about 2 hours from Obama's speech... worries about security lines seem to be for naught.

UPDATE: Kaine was OK, but fairly meh... makes me happier and happier about Biden. Richardson has a good and attack-doggy speech but his delivery has seemed uneven for most of it. He picked it up at the end. Liked the line "McCain may pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes, but we'll pay for his flip-flops" but he flubbed the delivery a bit. Stevie Wonder then Gore are the schedule for the rest of the hour I think.

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