Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain VP rumors

Seeing a lot of buzz for Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, who I would have named as the ideal candidate but whom I thought was dealing with a corruption charge. I'm not sure that's something you want hanging over your VP's head in a "change" election, but maybe the fact that she was the whistle blower on other GOP corruption inoculates her? Dunno. She'll certainly fascinate the media, no doubt.

  1. Fresh face that Wonkette has a HUGE crush on.
  2. Reminds Hillary fans that he didn't pick her as VP, and tamps down the "historical candidacy" angle for Obama a smidge.
  3. Not to be sexist, (now watch as I proceed to be sexist) but it increases the chances that Biden comes off as a mean ole jerk as he decapitates her during the VP debate.

  1. She's young and inexperienced, so that dampens the attack against Obama.
  2. Her GILF-ness highlights Old Man McCain's Mr. McGoo like crotchety-ness.
  3. Will be utterly destroyed by Joe Biden in debates, but that could be an advantage (see above).

UPDATE: Palin still in Alaska according to ABC. I know as an Obama partisan I should be trying to shout over the McCain VP selection hysteria, but it's just so fascinating that I can't help myself. If it's not Pawlenty, Romney, or Palin... who is it? Is it *really* Lieberman? Ridge? Jindal?

UPDATE II: Looks like ABC might have gotten punked, other networks are calling it for Palin.

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