Sunday, August 10, 2008

LaDanian Tomlinson can't swim?

That's what Michael Phelps is alleging, at any rate:
He chatted with Peyton Manning for an hour at the ESPY Awards a few years ago, then swapped stories with LaDanian Tomlinson, teasing the running back about his inability to swim. For the most part, he feels like one of the gang when he hangs around with athletes who are at the top of their profession.

Wow, that certainly downgrades him in my upcoming Fantasy Football draft. You can drown in, like, an inch of water or something.... so I guess not being able to swim makes drinking a glass of ice water perilous.

Regardless, Michael Phelps went to my high school, so you can basically attribute everything he wins in the coming days to me. I accept cash. Thanks.

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