Friday, August 1, 2008

Muckity Muck

Eugene Robinson on McCain's decent into the muck.
It's awfully early for John McCain to be running such a desperate, ugly campaign against Barack Obama. But I guess it's useful for Democrats to get a reminder that the Republican Party plays presidential politics by the same moral code that guided the bad-boy Oakland Raiders in their heyday: "Just win, baby."

The latest bit of snarling, mean-spirited nonsense to come out of the McCain camp was the accusation, leveled by campaign manager Rick Davis, that Obama had "played the race card." He did so, apparently, by being black.

Heh. I guess it's good to point out that this kind of stuff works, so the Obama has to be on guard to parry everything... but I really do believe that enough people are tired of the Rove style politics of scum and muck that all this will do is tarnish the "Straight Talkin' Maverick" image of McCain. I guess I really do fear a repeat of 2004, which is why I can get incensed by these types of attacks... but I'm trying to stay optimistic. As Joe Klein said:
I mean, we've got two wars, an energy crisis, an economy teetering on the edge of real serious trouble--and this is the campaign John McCain wants to run?
Given the realities, I just don't think flag lapel pins are going to do it this year. At least I hope not.

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