Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic Convention Day 2

So I actually tried to watch this time via the Democratic Convention's direct feed... so no talking heads... and now I know why the media peeps talk over most of it... just a constant stream of people you don't care about giving boring speeches, while you wait for the big guns. Anyway, I gave it about 30 minutes until I muted it and went back to reading and occasional glances up to make sure nobody important was talking. Unfortunately that means I missed Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana, who I had been pimping for VP... in retrospect I'll admit he was certainly too risky a pick... big upside, and good speaker though. He's a rising star (at least I hope he is), so you might want to check this out:

Otherwise, I caught Warner... and man was he boring. He's the white male politician "out of central casting", as they say... and that was a bland speech. I understand he's popular in Virginia, and his race for a Senate seat is crucial... but meh. I muted him and waited for Hillary, which is how I missed Schweitzer.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand was really really good... and I usually can't stand her speaking style(though she has really come on as a speaker lately). She certainly did everything I could have asked. No complaints and only cheers from this Obama partisan.

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