Saturday, August 30, 2008

Castle Crashers

If you have a 360, you need to BUY THIS GAME NOW. Especially if you are on my Friends List. 4 Player Co-op over LIVE... and I think you might be able to have multiple players locally, even when you are playing on LIVE... need I say more? If you're not on my Friends List, read this blog, and bought the full version, then feel free to add me(even if you didn't buy the game you are welcome to add me)... Gamnercard to the right.

This is the 21st Century Gauntlet, but even more awesome. Simple controls, but with a degree of finesse that is welcome... great music, and Viva La 2D!

If my recommendation doesn't move you, just try the demo... you'll be begging to spend those points half way through it.

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