Friday, August 8, 2008

Cam Cameron can't make Kyle Boller not suck

I didn't watch this game (though I probably could have with little trouble since it was against the Pats), so my impressions are only coming from other people, but this Mike Preston quote jumped out at me:
Boller started for the Ravens last night in the team's 16-15 win. It was a vintage Boller performance. He made some really great throws, put the ball where only a receiver could catch it. He showed mobility and a command of the offense.

And then he did some really stupid things, such as failing to tuck the ball away or staring down a receiver, which led to the interception.

I've been defending the guy for years, but at some point you just gotta let go. I guess Troy Smith didn't look any better, and Flacco played like a rookie... not to mention it's only one preseason game with a new offense... but at the same time, it's not just one game for Kyle Boller, it's been 5 seasons of the same stuff. Great throws followed by fumbled snaps. Ugh.

Maybe it's Chad Pennington time?

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