Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton - Obamaphile

He's still quite the charmer... he didn't rabble rouse, which would have been pretty awesome... but I thought it was a pretty good speech. While he certainly tooted his own horn more than anything... he still seemed pretty solid in his support of Obama. The section I liked most was when he brought up how people thought he was too inexperienced to lead. Ah but his inexperience led to too much peace and prosperity, which is why we are so screwed and why we need to start more wars.

And wow, my other Senator, John Kerry, is on freakin' fire. As far as his AWESOMENESS, losing to Bush was the best thing that ever happened to him. I'm still kind of pissed he found his AWESOME after making us suffer these last 4 years... but better later than never.

EDIT: Chet Edwards? He is OK... but I feel like we're getting a parade of the "too mediocre to be VP"... Bayh and Reed were earlier and were also "OK" at best. They're setting up Biden to need to bring down the house.

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