Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What if Orwell was a blogger?

via The Dish

Gordon at Harry's Place lays it out:

The diaries will be published in blog form on the George Orwell prize website each day 70 years after they were first written, opening up a wonderful opportunity to acquaint and reacquaint with Orwell in a very accessible way, offering eyewitness accounts from the 1930s on everything from unemployment, fascism and communism, but also his musings on the natural world.

The project kicks off on August 9th and covers an important part of his life as a writer, beginning just before the period he spent recovering from tuberculosis in Morocco in 1938 and immediately following his time in Spain during the Spanish civil war, which led to the writing of ‘Homage to Catalonia’, my favourite Orwell book, and when he was writing his 1939 novel ‘Coming up for Air’.

I've never read his diaries, despite considering myself a serious fan of his work... so I'm pretty excited at this opportunity. Definitely looking forward to it. So many questions... did he have cats? Will there be pictures?

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