Monday, July 7, 2008

Maine Blogging

So I had a wonderful weekend up in Maine with Anna... the weather was perfect, and it was truly excellent to get that extra day of the long holiday weekend. We hiked in Acadia National Park on both Friday and Saturday. Both were "strenuous" hikes that I got a lot of good pictures of, so once I get them culled down to a manageable and non-repetitive selection to put on flickr, I'll blog about them in detail. Unfortunately, somehow my Forerunner 305 was out of juice when I got it to Maine. I'm not really sure what happened since I didn't run all last week and it was just sitting on the charger... was it seated improperly and thus slowly leak charge? Did I accidentally turn it on when I put it in the bag and leave it running the entire bus ride up? I'm not sure, but regardless of the reason, I don't have the GPS and heart rate data I was hoping for. It's a shame because I really felt like I was working pretty hard on that second hike and I'd have liked to have seen exactly how hard it was with the heart rate monitor. Oh well, next trip.

We had dinner on Friday night in Bar Harbor at Eden, a vegetarian restaurant that is leaps and bounds better than anything veggie in Boston... and then we did our Patriotic Duty and watched things explode in pretty colors. Saturday night after our hike we cooked at home and had mojitos.

Sunday was basically just a little relaxation and a long bus ride back to Boston for me... with surprisingly little traffic. All in all a great weekend.

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