Friday, July 18, 2008

I will soon begin training to save your life: let us all pray that it doesn't come to that, as you would be screwed

I'm off today because I have to come in to work Saturday and Sunday to get ACLS certified(Advanced Cardiac Life Support)... so the powers that be recommended taking some time during the week to make up for the extra work. As per Anna's suggestion, I will probably work all of next week and save it as an extra day when I'm headed up to Maine... but today I shall be cleaning the apartment, getting a haircut, and maybe going to the grocery store.

I really don't need to be trained in ACLS, since I work in a hospital with a code team, but it can't hurt can it? I'm actually pretty excited by it as I've never learned anything beyond BLS(Basic Life Support i.e. CPR) I've spent much of the last 10 years looking at an EKG recording, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you the difference between A-Fib and V-Tach if you asked (thankfully that's because we have never run in to either, knock on wood).

So blogging may be light over the next few days.

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